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There’s a hero inside of you

There’s a hero

If you look inside your heart

You don’t have to

Be afraid

Of what you are

There’s an answer

If you reach into your soul……………….

Celine Dion

 I was  a fan  of Celine Dion in my early 20’s ,but I stopped  listening to  her songs for some time, and recently when I got to listen to her song, ’’Hero’ ,It felt new ,fresh, and inspiring like  something I had not heard before, I saw the lyrics and they made me shade I tear for some strange reason. Maybe I was at a moment in my life where I needed someone to remind me that there’s a hero inside of me.

It’s not only Celine Dion, who talks about Hero. There’s a genre of literature called   Superhero fiction, centred on speculative adventures of characters who are mostly crime busters known as superheroes. These characters often have superhuman powers and are found battling ‘bad guys’, who are out to destroy humanity.

The superhero stories are not only found in movie theatres, but they are part of stories from many cultures. In the African folklore; which are stories passed   on through word of mouth for many generations, the super hero stories abound. Children are often told adventure of hero’s who rescued an entire community from an imminent destruction by ‘Mono-eyed, flame-spitting giants, or similar characters.

Many stories in the bible, lists accounts of heroes. These are people who God chose to save the Hebrews from the jaws of their enemies. Stories of biblical characters like, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, David, Samson, and many more take the same narrative.

In most of these stories, the hero starts out as an ordinary member of the community going about their business, before being pushed out of their ‘comfort zone’, by circumstances that are outside of them.  A new journey for them begins when they are tried, tested and later transform themselves to superheroes who come fort ready to fight to save an entire community which is under immense threat of destruction.

The reason many of us love these stories, is that each of us is wired to be a hero. And these stories capture our own inspirations and hence we love to cheer the superheroes. These superhero stories seem to follow a particular script, but we don’t have to wait for forces outside ourselves to push us into becoming our own version of superheroes. We need to be astute heroes and embark on this journey through Self-awareness to activate self-transformation.

All of us, are here with a course and purpose so big that we need to carry out. The reason the world is missing some solutions is that the heroes who own these solutions haven’t stepped up to do their part. The call to heroism is more than an individual call, it’s a call to raise up and do your bit in the success and sustenance of humanity. If you turn a blind eye to your call it’s not only you that faces destruction but the entire community.

 The world and more so the African soul groans under the weight of unresolved difficulties. The African spirit is crying and wailing, she is calling for rescue asking where are people like; Joseph of the bible who bridged the times of food abundance and scarcity and ensured that the nation had not only plenty in lean times but also enough to share with starving neighbours.

Where are the modern-day; Wangari Maathai’s?. The first African woman Nobel prize winner who was persistent in the struggle of democracy, human rights, and environmental conversation. I remember when I was in the university and  late Wangari Maathai came to our campus, late on evening to rally students to join her in her protests against land grabbing of Karura forest .It was not easy for her, the authorities ,then had branded her a ‘mad woman’ ,but through her efforts her organisation Green Belt Movement has been able to plant more than 45 million trees in Kenya and managed to keep  Karura Forest.

The journey towards being a hero won’t be easy, but are you willing to risk failure, ridicule, battle your self-limiting beliefs and habits and go beyond the comfortable and the obvious to   bring out the Hero that is inside of you?

Well, have figured out my bit, my role in this is to help you bring out your hero, through cheering, Training, Coaching, and Writing.

What’s yours?

Winnie Seurei-Tanui

I am a transformational Coach. I help Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Emerging Leaders bring out their best abilities and skills to Maximize their Entrepreneurial,Leadership and Professional potential.

By Winnie

Winnie Seurei-Tanui is a mother, an author & a Public Speaker passionate about Personal Development. She is on a mission of sharing knowledge and ideas that help people live and work boldly.

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