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How to be Successful in Life; One Tip that can change everything

Great success is built through continuous small improvement.This mean we are all capable.

Great success is built step by step

Imagine you visited a magician who promised he has the power to change your life for good forever and he gives you a magic wand that he promises will improve any aspect of your life by 0.1% every day.

Abracadabra. 0.1% more money in your hands

Abracadabra. 0.1% better health

Abracadabra. 0.1% more knowledge about the world

Abracadabra 0.1% more skills about your work.

Abracadabra 0.1% better relationships

In the beginning, it doesn’t look like a very interesting magic wand, you might want to give it back to the lazy and stingy magician. what is 0.1% out of a possible 100%? If you come from my country you will add, “if somebody doesn’t want to help, they would have just said so”.(with a sneer)

 Most people might not even try to use it,and this is the reason why 80% of gym memberships are canceled within the first few months. People join the gym excited about losing weight, normally at the start of the year ,but after a few weeks they give up because they don’t see any results.

 Just like the magic wand, they don’t see the invisible 0.1% improvements to their health from each visit to the gym. But in reality, it is exactly these 0.1% baby steps over time that makes all the difference.

If you kept going just a bit longer, a year of 0.1% improvements everyday will result in a 36% total betterment of any field of your choice. Two years, equals 107% improvement, and it gets better with time.

This is the composite effect of the power of habits. Tiny actions over time can lead to enormous results.

You can’t win an Olympic gold medal with few weeks of intensive training. There’s no such a thing as an overnight success. Great law firms, great bands, great brands, great careers, great businesses have been built exactly the same way. Step by step, small but continuous improvement .

Someone once said, “Rome was not Built in a Day, but They were Laying Bricks Every Hour”.

By Winnie

Winnie Seurei-Tanui is a mother, an author & a Public Speaker passionate about Personal Development. She is on a mission of sharing knowledge and ideas that help people live and work boldly.

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I am challenged, am one of those who give up easily. the 0.1 is amazing, baby steps…I can make it

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